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Super League for Females: The 2023 season begins with a rematch of the Grand Final between the Yorkshire Valkyries and Leeds Rhinos.

As part of a double-header with the men’s team, the 2023 Betfred Women’s Super League season begins with champion Leeds Rhinos hosting the renamed York Valkyrie at Headingley; Sky Sports will broadcast the 2023 BWSL Grand Final live once more.

The 2023 Betfred Women’s Super League season will begin with a rematch of last year’s Grand Final between the Leeds Rhinos and York Valkyrie, both of whom are the current champions.

The Rhinos won their second BWSL title with a 12-4 victory over the newly renamed Valkyrie in that matchup at Totally Wicked Stadium. When the teams meet on Sunday, April 9, it promises to be another hard-fought matchup.

The Rhinos men will play Huddersfield Giants in the Betfred Super League at 6 p.m., followed by the first game of a double header at Headingley.

Beevers and rhinos will have a double pleasure.

“After the national impact made by England’s performances in the World Cup,” stated Thomas Brindle, general manager of the Women’s Super League. “There is more excitement and anticipation than ever around women’s rugby league in 2023.”

“It is another first for the competition and another big stage for a lot of those England players for the BWSL to start with a repeat of the Grand Final from last year as part of a double header at Headingley.”

The other ten BWSL teams begin play on April 16, when York hosts St Helens, winners of the Betfred Women’s Challenge Cup in 2022, in a heavyweight match at the LNER Community Stadium.

Other highlights of that round include Warrington Wolves’ debut in Group One with a derby against Wigan Warriors, as well as away matches for Salford Red Devils at Castleford Tigers and Leigh Leopards against Bradford Bulls at Odsal, two new teams in Group 2.

That will set the stage for England’s mid-season international against France on April 29 in Warrington. The Betfred Women’s Challenge Cup group stage, which will be drawn on January 12, will then take center stage for a month after that.

The BWSL returns on Friday, May 26 with a major match between Leeds and St. Helens at Headingley. As part of the Betfred Championship’s Summer Bash, the Valkyrie will also play Warrington that weekend at the LNER Community Stadium.

The Betfred Women’s Super League Grand Final will take place on the weekend of October 7-8, following the top four teams from Group One’s final round of regular season games on September 8-10.

In 2024, play-offs will determine the second promoted team, with automatic promotion to the expanded eight-team BWSL Group One going to the team that finishes first in Group 2.

“After the rebranding of York Valkyrie, the new partnership between Leigh Leopards and Leigh Miners Rangers, and the rapid progress made by Salford Red Devils in their debut season in 2022,” Brindle stated, “we welcome three new names to the BWSL in 2023.”

“It promises to be the most competitive season yet – and we hope to make some more exciting announcements soon about broadcast coverage – with Warrington building impressively for their elevation to Group One.”

Wells: The Women’s Super League in 2023 ought to be fantastic.

The Women’s Super League returns for 2023 over Easter weekend, and if 2022 is any indication, this season should be a smashing success.

“In a very exciting Group One that includes St Helens, the newly promoted Warrington Wolves, and the newly renamed York side, who undoubtedly already take the award for best re-brand, the Leeds Rhinos hope to defend their title. As they nearly did last time, the Valkyrie are out to kill everyone in their path.

Schedule for Betfred Women’s Super League in 2023

The 9th of April: (TBC) Leeds Rhinos vs. York Valkyrie

On April 16th, Warrington Wolves play at 2 p.m. against the Wigan Warriors; Huddersfield Giants play at 2 p.m. against the Leeds Rhinos; York Valkyrie play at 3 p.m. against St. Helens; Bradford Bulls play at 5.15 p.m. against Leigh Leopards; Featherstone Rovers play at 12 p.m.; Castleford Tigers play at Salford Red Devils;

The 26th of May: St. Helens vs. Leeds Rhinos at 5.30 p.m.

May 28, 2018: Barrow Raiders vs. Bradford Bulls (2 p.m.), Salford Red Devils vs. Leigh Leopards (12 p.m.), Featherstone Rovers vs. Castleford Tigers (12 p.m.), Huddersfield Giants vs. Wigan Warriors (2 p.m.), York Valkyrie vs. Warrington Wolves (TBC).

June 11, 2018: Huddersfield Giants vs. Warrington Wolves, Bradford Bulls vs. Salford Red Devils, Barrow Raiders vs. Castleford Tigers, Leigh Leopards vs. Featherstone Rovers, and St. Helens vs. Wigan Warriors are all scheduled for 1 p.m.

The 2nd of July: Bradford Bulls vs. Castleford Tigers (5.15 p.m.), Featherstone Rovers vs. Salford Red Devils (12 p.m.), Barrow Raiders vs. Leigh Leopards (12 p.m.), St. Helens vs. Huddersfield Giants (1 p.m.), Warrington Wolves vs. Leeds Rhinos (2 p.m.), York Valkyrie vs. Wigan Warriors

The 9th of July: Warrington Wolves play at St. Helens at 2 p.m.; Wigan Warriors play at Leeds Rhinos at 12 p.m.; Huddersfield Giants play at York Valkyrie at 2 p.m.; Featherstone Rovers play at Bradford Bulls at 12 p.m.; Castleford Tigers play at Leigh Leopards at 2 p.m.; Salford Red Devils play at Barrow Raiders at 12 p.m.

The 16th of July: York Valkyrie vs. Leeds Rhinos (12 p.m.), Leigh Leopards vs. Bradford Bulls (2 p.m.), Barrow Raiders vs. Featherstone Rovers (12 p.m.), Salford Red Devils vs. Castleford Tigers (12 p.m.), and Wigan Warriors vs. Warrington Wolves (12 p.m.).

Saturday, July 30: York Valkyrie vs. St. Helens (5.30 p.m.)

30th of July: Huddersfield Giants versus the Warrington Wolves at 2 p.m.

The 6th of August: Warrington Wolves take on York Valkyrie at 2 p.m., Leeds Rhinos take on Huddersfield Giants at 12.30 p.m., Salford Red Devils take on Bradford Bulls at 12 p.m., Castleford Tigers take on Barrow Raiders at 2 p.m., and Featherstone Rovers take on Leigh Leopards at 12 p.m.

20th of August: Bradford Bulls vs. Barrow Raiders (5.15 p.m.), Leigh Leopards vs. Salford Red Devils (2 p.m.), Castleford Tigers vs. Featherstone Rovers (2 p.m.), Huddersfield Giants vs. St. Helens (2 p.m.), Wigan Warriors vs. York Valkyrie (12 p.m.), Leeds Rhinos vs. Warrington Wolves

The third of September: St. Helens vs. Leeds Rhinos (1 p.m.), Bradford Bulls vs. Featherstone Rovers (5.15 p.m.), Leigh Leopards vs. Castleford Tigers (2 p.m.), Barrow Raiders vs. Salford Red Devils (2 p.m.), and Wigan Warriors vs. Huddersfield Giants (12 p.m.).

On September 8th, Wigan Warriors vs. Leeds Rhinos at 5.30 p.m.

The 10th of September: St. Helens hosts Warrington Wovles at one o’clock; York Valkyrie hosts Huddersfield Giants at three o’clock; Castleford Tigers hosts Bradford Bulls at two o’clock; Salford Red Devils hosts Featherstone Rovers at twelve o’clock; Leigh Leopards hosts Barrow Raiders at two o’clock.

Semifinals of the playoffs: TBC.

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